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What makes a great Commercial Property Investment?

Ben provides some insightful tips on what to look for in a great Commercial Property Investment! View this video before you consider your next Commercial Property Investment.

Download our Property Market Updates for July and August

These concise reports gives you a comprehensive macro outlook on the economy and key factors that will effect the Sydney and Brisbane Residential Property Market in the foreseeable future.

Sydney Property Market Update_July2019 (pdf)


Brisbane August Property Market Update (pdf)




Buyers Advocacy

Development Consultation

Property Syndication

If it’s taking you longer than 3 months to secure a residential or commercial property, then something is wrong! Either you are time poor, you are not sure where to buy or the commute is taking its toll on you. This is where the team at LGen Property can help, from: 

  • strategic advice on next steps in your property journey 
  • through to property search, negotiation 
  • and management of your asset.


Property Syndication

Development Consultation

Property Syndication

Have you ever thought of getting together with a group of partners to purchase a property that might have been out of reach as an individual? The opportunities in the property market to add value are far and wide,  as are the types of properties and structures to purchase them! LGen Property has a grip on all the different facets of the market and can provide a vast array of options for your syndicate! 

Would you like us to help organise a syndicate for you? 


Development Consultation

Development Consultation

Development Consultation

Got a block of land and want to know what you can do that will maximise its value? Would you like to do a small development but don't know the first place to start? Don’t worry! The team at LGen Property are experienced in all steps of the Property Development journey. We can help source the right property and get the right team involved that will absolutely help minimise your risk, in what can be a very lucrative investment!

Our key strengths


Relationships – Our relationships with industry insiders and participants allows us to see ALL the available properties on the market. In many markets there is an additional 30-50% more properties available to purchase than what is online!

Negotiation – “You make money on the purchase… not on the sale”. Never a truer word has been spoken! Finding the right opportunity and negotiating to purchase that property is our specialty! With decades of experience in negotiating effectively in stock and real estate markets, our advisors know how to ensure you make money on your purchase!


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