Get your property independently valued before you negotiate

As part of the due diligence you undertake on a property, it is always worthwhile getting a valuation done on the property, BEFORE you start negotiating! View this short video to learn more.

How to select a property that outperforms

When looking to buy an investment property that outperforms there should be two important factors to take into account. View this short video to find out  more.

What makes a great Commercial Property Investment?

View this 1 minute video on what to consider before you invest in Commercial Property.

Emotion can play a risky part in your property purchase

Check out this brief video which provides you with tips on how to deal with emotion when purchasing an investment property.

Property Development - How to manage Risk

Property Development sounds sexy….. high dollar value money being spent and plenty of BIG profits, right? Well… maybe not! View this video to find out how to manage what could be a risky investment.

Auction can be a risky strategy

Going to auction can be one of the worst strategies you can undertake as a buyer when trying to secure a property.It's important to remember that an auction is a market-based pricing mechanism, and is in fact driven by emotion. Check out this great video for some tips on what to avoid if you have to go to auction.

What is Rental Yield?

Check out this great video explaining what rental yield is and strategies to consider in order to  maximise your yield.